Why Study with Yosra ?

18 years experience for teaching Arabic language for foreign. The program teaches Arabic as a living language to a diverse body of students with a wide range of academic and professional needs. Therefore, courses offered adopt the communicative approach in learning and the interactive approach in teaching to develop all five language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural awareness). Students work with authentic audio, video, and text materials.

An intensive, fast-paced, and highly successful aamiyah program that will have you speaking like a Syrian in just a few months time. I also offer a fu’sha program that provides a detailed understanding of literary Arabic, starting with the basics.

Study one-on-one with me, for several hours each class, practicing and perfecting how to interact and speak skillfully in a broad range of settings.

Four different books are used in my program, as are CDs and videos that will teach you to listen, speak and understand Syrian parlance with ease.

My program is competitive with the rates of other professional teachers. My program, most importantly, is absolutely unmatched and will teach you quickly and effectively how to speak like a local.