Student Profile

I have taught students from all over the world including from America, England, China, France, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Holland, Austria, Canada, and other countries. My students are from all ages and all backgrounds. Some are university students in their 20s. Others are older and are working professionals in the Middle East looking to learn Arabic for professional use. For example, I had an elderly couple in their 60s who were studying Arabic with me! Each student’s Arabic background is different. Some have no experience with Arabic at all. Others studied fus’ha in college for a few years. Some have studied some aamiyah and some fus’ha. Having no experience with Arabic at all is not a problem whatsoever! Students also come from many different faiths and cultures, all of which I respect.

If you have any questions on my program or about me, I would be more than happy to answer them. Also, if you want to contact any of these former students, I can forward your email to them.

  • Sarah Birke, (England), Oxford University and EUI, Florence
  • Annika Folkeson, (Sweden), Haverford College
  • Nicolas Braye, (France), Université de Lyon
  • Francesca de Chattel, (Holland), City University and University of Bath
  • Nadim Chebib, (Canada), University of British Columbia
  • Mary Cowan, (England), School of Oriental and African Studies
  • Kieran Wanduragala, (USA), Oxford University and Harvard University
  • Emma LeBlanc, (USA), Brown University
  • Haley Bobseine, (USA), Brown University
  • Kai Zhong, (China)
  • Merrit Kennedy, (USA), Stanford University and American University in Cairo
  • Mouna Algelly, (Switzerland), Université de Genève
  • Ali Haydar Cekmece, (Turkey), Istanbul University School of Business Administration