Modern Standard Arabic (Fus’ha) Program

Although Colloquial Arabic (spoken Arabic) and Modern Standard Arabic (written Arabic) are often confused as two different languages by foreigners, according to native speakers of Arabic, spoken and written Arabic is really just one language and therefore should be taught as such. This principle therefore guides the teaching of both spoken and written Arabic in my program. The Modern Standard Arabic portion of my program therefore seeks to draw ties between the spoken language and the written language and to expand the student’s knowledge of grammar and vocabulary necessary to master Modern Standard Arabic. Close attention is also paid to recognizing the differences between the pronunciations of letters in spoken compared to the written form of Arabic. Upon completion of the program, the student is able to speak at an advanced or academic level about such topics as politics, literature, and religion.

**The following resources are used in the teaching of Modern Standard Arabic:

  • Media: Newspapers, Radio, Television.
  • Religious Texts: Quran, Hadeeth, Foqha.
  • Literature and Classical Arabic: Formal Literature, Poetry (Jahly Ummayad-Abbasy), Prose (Al-Jahez, Ibn Batuta), Popular Literature and Poetry (One Thousand and One Nights, al-Zeer Salem).