Colloquial Arabic(Aamiyah) Program

Both my Colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic Programs can be tailored towards your specific background and need.

  • Beginner/Book 1: The program starts with an introduction to the Arabic alphabet, and then the student quickly progresses onto studying all aspects of life in Arabic country such as visiting the souk, riding on the taxi, and ordering at a restaurant. Lessons in this first book start off easy, and then are designed to get more difficult as the student progresses forward. Special emphasis is placed upon correct pronunciation as it is vital in mastering colloquial Arabic. By the end of the first level, the student is proficient in reading and writing Arabic at the elementary level in addition to being familiar with the basic tenets of Arabic grammar.
  • Intermediate/Book 2: The intermediate level expands upon the student’s vocabulary and understanding of grammar, enabling the student to engage in more complex conversations. This level focuses upon fine-tuning one’s listening skills, allowing the student to participate in fast-paced conversations with locals.
  • Advanced/Book 3: Upon the completion of the third level student is able to converse, read and write at an advanced level. In addition, the student has also acquired an extensive knowledge of daily expressions and sayings enabling one to converse with Arabic people.

Specialist/Book 4: In the final level, the student learns to distinguish and understand the various dialects spoken throughout the Middle East. Upon completion of this level, the student is able to speak, read, and write on advanced subject areas.

**Due to the intensive nature of the program, the student is required to complete a substantial amount of homework outside of the classroom and to be prepared for tests on a regular basis. Dedication and hard-work both inside and outside of the classroom enables the student to follow my plan and become conversationally fluent within six months.