to Yosra’s Arabic Language Institute. My name is Yosra Al-Ahmad, and I am a private Arabic teacher. I have developed an intensive Arabic Language Program suitable for students of all levels of language proficiency. There are two tracks to my program: Colloquial Arabic (also known as spoken Arabic, or aamiyah) and Modern Standard Arabic (also known as written Arabic, or fus’ha).

The first track of the program enables students to master Colloquial Arabic within a short period of time, regardless of whether or not one has previously studied the Arabic language. Although students on average take four to six months to complete this track, my Colloquial Arabic program can easily be tailored to meet the individual needs of each student.

In addition to the Colloquial Arabic track, I offer specialized Modern Standard Arabic courses on various topics such as literature, economics, and politics.

Not only does my program offer exceptional language instruction, but it also prioritizes the teaching and understanding of the Arab culture and way of life. An emphasis is therefore placed upon the teaching of expressions and sayings used in everyday life by Arabs. My program seeks to bridge the gap between written and spoken Arabic by teaching students the appropriate situations in which one can employ both forms of the language.